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Trailer Hitches

Attached to the vehicle, the trailer hitch is the primary device that allows a vehicle to tow. Choosing the correct type of trailer hitch requires knowing the gross trailer weight and the tongue weight of the trailer being pulled. Do not exceed the lowest rating of any component of your towing system. See the CURT
hitch application guide for specific hitch availability.

CURT Trailer HItch Classes

Bumper Styles

CURT Bumper Styles

Passenger Car & Truck Styles

CURT Passenger Car & Truck Styles

Hitch Selection Guide

Use this table to select the correct trailer hitch receiver tube opening size and weight rating for the tow vehicle. Refer not only to vehicle type, but also the trailer being towed. See the CURT hitch application
guide for specific trailer hitch availability.

CURT Trailer Hitch Selection Guide

How Much Can You Safely Tow?


CURT Manufacturing recommends the use of trailer hitches showing a weight distributing (WD) rating when carrying a personal mobility vehicle (power wheel chair, scooter, etc.). By using a trailer hitch with a capacity lower than the gross trailer weight, the warranty may be voided and could result in damage to both the tow vehicle and the load.

CURT How Much Can You Safely Tow?



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